Bullion Vault Review

There are many websites which sell and buy gold and silver online today, responding to the powerful demand for these precious metals among the modern public, who fear economic turmoil in the future or just want to cash in on the rising prices of these metals. With so many sites, it is often necessary to wade through large amounts of chaff in order to find the “wheat” – but in the case of Bullion Vault (www.bullionvault.com), there is no reason to seek further if you are interested in precious metals.

Bullion Vault is a professional, well-arranged site which has a number of unique and intriguing features. The first impression of the site is of a clean design, well ordered, easy to use menus and interfaces, and plenty of useful data. A closer look and use of the site confirms this impression. Bullion Vault is a very solid, reliable firm with some innovative leaps that are refreshing in their simplicity and effectiveness.

The Basic Premise of Bullion Vault – a Source of Liquidity

With so many competitors, Bullion Vault needed some way to stand out from the crowd if it was to grow out of the minor league that most precious metal sites occupy. Just as APMEX provides a huge range of different bullion coins for collectors, and our site offers a detailed, neutral source of precious metals information that is gathered nowhere else on the Internet, so Bullion Vault found its metier in furnishing investors with something that is often lacking in precious metals circles – liquidity.

Owning silver and gold is all well and good, but for the average investor who has anywhere from one to several dozen silver and gold items, liquidity is a major problem. Liquidity is a measure of how easy it is to liquidate an asset – that is, turn it into cash, which can be used to purchase anything. Owning a dozen gold bullion bars and seeing their value rise suddenly to $20,000 each due to some upheaval in the market does not mean that you can immediately run out and pay off your $240,000 mortgage with them.

In their gold form, they are valuable, but illiquid – that is, you cannot use them as currency. You must first convert them to cash, and the ease with which you can do this is liquidity. Liquidity is a major problem for many collectors and investors because of lack of time and access to markets where they can sell their gold. You cannot drive down to the local convenience store, hand them a gold bar, and expect to get $50,000 change after buying a loaf of bread, after all.

Bullion Vault sets out to do this by buying and selling gold and silver in its vaults, transferring ownership without transferring the metal. This way, Bullion Vault serves as salesman, storage unit, and broker for your transactions. You can purchase silver or gold from the Vault, store it there, and, when you have found a buyer, the Vault will handle the matter and deposit the profits in your bank account.

In the opinion of this reviewer, Bullion Vault succeeds admirably in the goal of adding liquidity to what is otherwise a sometimes-illiquid marketplace. Although there is high demand for gold and silver, it is not exactly bought and sold on the street corners, either, and disposing of your precious metal assets could prove to be time consuming and difficult without Bullion Vault’s aid.

Best yet, Bullion Vault’s system allows you to take advantage of sudden spikes of opportunity in gold and silver prices. If the price drops abruptly, you can buy quickly before they rise again. If the prices spike upwards, you can unload your gold, hopefully at an immense profit, In short, using Bullion Vault’s services prevents you from missing opportunities in the precious metal markets because of lag while you trying to find some way to actually make a sale or a purchase.

Professional Flexibility in Bullion Vault’s Operations

The mark of a good business is that it does not try to force its customers into one set pattern of behavior, but offers logical options that give you choices other than the one the business most wants you to take. Leaving avenues open and allowing you to handle things in your own manner shows a business that is accommodating, professional, and understands that its customers are unique people with a range of desires, thoughts, and strategies for conducting their daily affairs.

Bullion Vault passes this test of a top notch business as well. Although the system is designed mainly to allow you to buy and sell gold without ever taking physical possession of it, Bullion Vault will also send you your gold or silver within twenty-four hours of purchase, with no questions asked, if you want to take physical possession.

Suitable for All Sizes of Investor

One of the things that impressed us greatly about Bullion Vault is that the liquidity it offers does not come with a “minimum order” tag. The problem with major precious metals markets is that traders there will usually refuse to handle small accounts, with “small” possibly meaning anything under half a million dollars in the case of gold.

Bullion Vault’s mission, however, is to empower users of all sizes. Whether you have an account consisting of a hundred or two hundred dollars’ worth of precious metals, or millions of dollars’ worth, the Vault offers the same swift liquidation. This is extremely useful for those who want to make a profit buying and selling in the market, which may be prohibitively difficult without a middleman. Bullion Vault is a combination middleman and marketplace venue that facilitates trading of any quantity of silver or gold bullion.

Concomitantly, Bullion Vault will also store any quantity of these precious metals for you. Though the problems of having someone else store your silver and gold (trust, inaccessibility in case of emergency, etc.) remain in the background, most of the time the Vault is an excellent place to store your gold and silver, especially if you are likely to buy, sell, buy, and sell again over the years.

Key to Bullion Vault’s outstanding reliability is the fact that the gold and silver you purchase are actually allocated to you. Rather than being given a general I.O.U. for a certain quantity of silver or gold stored in the vault, Bullion Vault chooses and sets aside specific pieces of precious metal for you, and you only. This is crucially important, because it means that the claims cannot exceed the Vault’s bullion on hand. With unallocated bullion, you may find yourself holding a claim that is shared equally with four or five other duped investors. With allocated bullion, this type of Ponzi scheme is impossible.

Bullion Vault’s Combination of Breadth and Detail

Bullion Vault offers a lot of additional features and conveniences that you should also consider when you are contemplating doing business there. The breadth and detail of services makes this one of the most well rounded and convenient bullion precious metal sites this reviewer has seen. A few of the highlights include:

• A marketplace function that permits you to buy and sell directly from other Bullion Vault clients, without using the service as anything but a venue, allowing you to agree to your own terms of sale and deal.
• Transactions denominated in U.S. dollars, Euros, or British Pounds Sterling at your option for greater international convenience.
• A 0.12% of value storage fee for precious metals annually. This means if you are storing $1,000 worth of precious metals, you will pay $1.20 for storage; if you are storing $745,000 worth of gold, you will pay only $894 yearly for storage. These rates are very low.
• Round the clock marketplace with buying going on twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty five days a year.

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