September 11 Commemorative Coins

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 28th, 2011

The US Mint has issued an alert to collectors about a new product being marketed by a private firm called the National Collector’s Mint. Advertising their product as a “10th Anniversary September 11th Commemorative Dollar”, it is claimed that the coin is a “Liberian Government Authorised Legal Tender Coin”.

It would seem that National Collector’s Mint are attempting to make profit from the 10th anniversary of the Twin Towers attack, and the emotional feelings that will be running high around that time.

The coin is not a genuine United States coin. The United States Mint is the only body in the USA with the authority to coin money, and advertisements for this product are particularly confusing because they use phrases such as “legal tender dollar”, and the product itself bears the denomination “One Dollar”.

The only official US coin or medal commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the September 11th attacks is the National September 11 Memorial & Museum Commemorative Medal, which will be available later this year and is detailed below.

A Medal To Collect, An Event To Remember

The obverse of the medal features Lady Liberty holding the Lamp of Remembrance, with beacons of light stretching skyward behind. It has been designed by Donna Weaver to symbolise the loss of life on the day, and also the resilience and triumph of those who persevered. It is inscribed with the words ALWAYS REMEMBER and 2001-2011.

The reverse also features a design by Weaver, and depicts an eagle against a backdrop of cascading water. The eagle symbolises the strength of the survivors and the Nation, and the flowing water depicts peace and the continuity of life. Inscriptions on this side are HONOR and HOPE.

The issue will be strictly limited to a maximum of 2 million one ounce silver medals, and the sales price, when released, will include a $10 surcharge to be paid to the National September 11 Memorial Museum to support its operations and maintenance after completion. Each medal will contain one ounce of silver and be smooth edged. They will be struck at West Point and Philidelphia.

US Mint Silver Sales Move Up Again

The US Mint’s latest sales figures show that demand for major silver coins continues to soar. Sales of the 2011 Proof Silver Eagles jumped by 133,240 in the last week as the Mint removed household limits and the silver price carries on pushing forward. Since their June 30th launch, sales of the Silver Eagles has already reached 70% of last year’s total.

On Monday, the US Mint declared the Yosemite National Park Five-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin sold out, and moved the coin to ‘no longer available’ status on its home page.

It’s not all positive news for US Mint sales, however. Sales of bullion Silver Eagles coins lost some speed compared to the prior week. Authorised buyers took in 540,500, which is down from 856,000 last Wednesday. The new total for July clocked in 2,510,000 and its annual sales rolled in at 24,813,500.

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