Royal Australian Mint 2012 Schedule

Posted by admin on Saturday, October 1st, 2011

The Royal Australian Mint, one of the world’s premier mints, has announced its extensive mintage schedule for next year along with a new, and innovative, purchasing scheme which will allow pre payment and locking in of prices.

The Royal Australian Mint is the sole supplier of circulating coinage in Australia. Prince Philip opened its current site, in Canberra, in February 1965. Since this time, it has produced over 13 billion coins, and through modernisation programs to its minting processes and machinery is now able to produce 2 million coins per day.

Since becoming the first Mint in the world to receive accreditation to International Quality Standards, it has been recognised as a premier producer of circulating and uncirculating proofs. The latter is now a business in its own right within the umbrella of the Mint.

With such a reputation for quality, it is no surprise that the Mint produces coins, medals, medallions, and tokens for other countries and private clients.

Its product schedule covers all those coins which are due to be released from September this year through to August 2012. This list includes some pieces that will be extremely sought after.

Among these is July’s Silver Proof Kangaroo at sunset, which will depict the mammal most associated with the country on a fine .999 silver coin, and limited to a mintage of 5,000.

With the Mint’s new purchasing scheme, it will be possible to pre order, and reserve the coins of choice. Once ordered through the Mint’s Collection by Selection scheme, the price is locked in. Even if the price of silver, or gold, moves up dramatically, a pre paid buyer through this scheme is guaranteed to have his order fulfilled at the price reserved when the order was made. Orders are then shipped as soon as the coins are minted, and ahead of normal orders.

Unfortunately, this scheme is limited to private Australian addresses only. Time to find an Australian friend, perhaps!

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