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The world is one of cars that fly, cloaks that make the wearer disappear, potions that transform the drinker into the form of another, and giants that keep dragons as pets. Pictures talk and ghosts are not only commonplace, but are treated as trusted friends (for the most part).

The witches and wizard fans amongst us will, of course, know that this is the world of Harry Potter and his friends. Some may even have been lucky enough to have flown the broomsticks at Universal Studios, and won a game or three of Quidditch.

Harry’s creator, JK Rowling, cannot have known that she was not only producing books that would capture the attention of children and adults alike, but also building a merchandising opportunity that the real, Muggle, world had never before seen. Fans of Harry, Hermione, and Ron, can collect items from action figures, to replica wands, to bags, to earrings, to…well almost anything, really.

The latest – and last – film, ‘The Deathly Hallows: Part 2’, has been commemorated with the release of a new collection of coins from Merrick Mint. The company is one of those that manufacture and distribute products under license, and is the leading manufacturer of licensed colourised coins in the United States.

The coins are offered in sets of three – six sets in total – and feature all the favourite characters from the Harry Potter books. The character portraits are reproduced on the reverse of genuine British Half Pennies (from the time before decimalisation), and therefore have the authentic feel of a genuine legal tender coin with the British monarch’s head on the obverse – in this case Queen Elizabeth II. Of course, as they are produced on pre-decimal coinage, they are not legal tender.

The coins come in a presentation box, with a certificate confirming their authenticity.

harry potter deathly hallows coin set

A sample from The Merrick Mint ‘Deathly Hallows’ Coin Set

For those muggles that want to hold coins from the world of wizardry, then the Gringotts Bank Collection is the one that should be purchased.

The collection is produced by The Noble Collection, who craft replicas of metallic objects, such as swords, daggers, armour, and the coins which Harry Potter was bequeathed by his parents, and guarded by goblins in a vault at the Gringotts Wizarding Bank.

The set is made up of three coins. The Galleon is 24 karat gold plated, the Sickle is silver plated, and the Knut is copper plated. The set is sold in a presentation sleeve, though it is possible to acquire them in a presentation box.

harry potter gringotts coin set

The Three Coin Gringotts Bank Set

Strange as it may seem to the wizards, there are collectors that would rather their coins have legal tender status in the Muggle world. For those, the Isle of Man is the place to head to.

The Pobjoy Mint, a family owned company with a tradition in fine metal works stretching back centuries, has specialised in producing coins and medals for the last 50 years. Between 2001 and 2005, it minted coins that were approved as legal tender by H.H. Queen Elizabeth II, and which told the story of Harry’s adventures through the first four books.

All the coins feature Her Majesty on the obverse, and a scene from Harry’s school days on the reverse. They range from a cuppro nickel Crown, presented on a display card, through a Silver Proof Crown, to a Gold 1/25 Crown. The Silver and Gold coins are presented in a leatherette case. All coins were minted in limited numbers.

The Mint stopped producing the coins after 2005. For many, it would be a calamity that all of Harry’s adventures are not available on this set of coins; for others, this fact adds to their rarity value. A set of six, boxed, Gold 1/25 Crowns, whose original price was between $65 and $85 each, has recently been offered for sale on Ebay at $895. A magical investment, it would seem!

harry potter silver proof set

Silver Proof Crowns from “The Chamber of Secrets” Set from Pobjoy Mint.

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