Collecting Tips For Silver Investors

Posted by admin on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

One of the cheapest ways of buying silver is to purchase silver ingots. Coming in sizes up to 1000 ounces, they can usually be bought for a smaller premium over the spot silver price than silver coins. Coins have a higher collector interest, are more interesting to look at and display, and thus command higher prices than most other silver investments, due to their more collectible nature.

There are other issues that investors need to consider when purchasing silver ingots, also. For instance, selling a 1000-ounce bar can be difficult. Unlike a coin collection, a holder of a single large ingot can not split the holding to sell in smaller parts. For this reason, a serious collector of silver ingots may purchase several smaller bars rather than one large one.

Ingots are also far more easily copied than coins. Fraud in the ingot market is not uncommon, and purchasers are advised to make certain that an ingot is stamped with an official hallmark and details of the exact purity of silver from the issuer. That said counterfeit bullion coins are also becoming increasingly common in the secondary marketplace, so proper due diligence is required, no matter what you are buying.

For most collectors, investing in silver coins is usually the best option. American Silver Bullion Coins can be bought from dealers, and all will carry a Government backed guarantee of weight and purity. The same can be said of newly minted coins from around the world. With many coins having a limited issue, not only is a collector investing in silver (or gold), but also selecting a piece that has immediate rarity value. A well looked after coin will likely grow in value over the lifetime of a collector’s care.

National Icon on a Coin

For those that want to own a slice of history, depicted on a beautifully crafted silver coin, which is recognised world wide, then investment in the Britannia family 2011 is a perfect purchase.
The sculptor David Mach, of Royal Academy fame, has interpreted the timeless symbol of the British Isles, Britannia and created a new portrait of Britannia for the coin series.

The fantastic Britannia silver proof set, struck with 95.8% silver content, comprises the purest silver coins of the realm and contains the four coins of the Britannia family. The £2 coin contains a full ounce, the £1 a half ounce, the 50p coin a quarter ounce, and the 20p coin a tenth of an ounce. They are attractively laid out in a black presentation case and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

The issue is limited to 3,500 sets, and it is recommended that collectors visit the royal mint website to place orders without delay.

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