5 Excellent Books For Coin Collectors

Posted by admin on Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

A properly researched and well-written book can be a great investment for any numismatist looking to increase his or her knowledge. Whether a collector is just starting out or is more advanced and wants to learn more about spotting fakes, there is a whole plethora of books on any number of areas connected with coin collecting. Here we look at a few that would enhance the shelves of numismatists, from beginner to veteran.

If they cannot be found on the shelf at a local bookshop, then quoting the title, author, and ISBN, will enable the bookseller to order a copy easily.

Coin Collecting for Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-22275-1

Authors Neil Berman and Ron Guth have followed the “Dummies” format to produce a guide that is visually pleasing and easy to follow. Aimed primarily at the beginner, there is a sackful of useful tips and hints that will keep the more experienced collector coming back for more.

The basics of hobby coin collecting are covered in more depth than first imagined, with all facets of numismatics covered, from buying to storing, and even methods of determining quality and authenticity.

This 384 page paperback is neatly presented, and benefits from more than 100 illustrations and photographs. At a recommended retail price of $16.49, it will not break the bank, either.

Coin Grading and Counterfeit Detection

ISBN: 375720502

A perfect book for all coin collectors, and one that will save heartache and disappointment. In this day and age, when forgeries are easier to make in quantity – and easier to sell as the real thing (predominantly through the internet) – ownership of this book is a must.

A book such as this cries out to be written by experts, and who better to take a collector through the quagmire of grading and fake detection than the staff of PCGS (The Professional Coin Grading Service). A reader will learn techniques of grading different coins, terminology used, and also have a good technical analysis of the elements used in grading to refer back to time and time again.

This 432 page book is printed in paperback with a recommended retail price of $14.96

Collecting Rare Coins for Pleasure and Profit

ISBN: 079483406-X

Nicknamed the ‘Dean of American Numismatics’, author and coin dealer Q. David Bowers passes on the knowledge of a 50 year career and a deep understanding of the rare coin market.

Bowers writes in an engaging conversational style that makes the acquiring of his knowledge not only enjoyable, but page turningly easy. He speaks throughout with the clarity needed by newcomers, and the informative quality admired by old timers.

He shares his experience, and examples to pass on his opinions. He places emphasis on the history of coin collecting, pointing out the regularity of market trends and pricing cycles.

This is a book that will help a collector enjoy his hobby, whilst maximising returns doing it.

At 138 pages, and in paper back, the 6×9 size is ideally suited to the inside jacket pocket for dipping into at opportune times in a busy day. At a recommended price of only $8.99, it is the cheapest of the books highlighted in this article.

World’s Greatest Mint Errors

ISBN: 978-1-933990-02-6

A hardcover book that will enhance any coffee table, this is a full colour resource that is packed cover to cover with the most rare and extraordinary mint errors seen in a single publication.

Author Mike Byers has pieced together fantastic images and sound information about mint error coins from around the world. The photographs of error coins are enlarged to improve the reader’s appreciation of them, and the book is aimed at all levels of experience. ‘World’s Greatest Mint Errors’ will fire the imagination of non-collectors as well as be an encyclopaedic must have for the advanced collector, and create a generation of numismatists specialising in this exciting sphere of coin collecting.

232 pages long, in a 10×12 hardcover, the recommended retail price is a lofty, but value for money, $37.99.

Numismatic Photography

ISBN: 1933990040

This guidebook style book addresses the problems often faced by those collectors that want to record their collections in photographic form. Author Mark Goodman talks the reader through the digital photography process, presenting neat tips and tricks that will help capture a collection perfectly.

Each chapter is split into two parts. The first deals with the essentials, which provides a great platform for beginners to move toward the second part designed for the more advanced photographer.

Throughout, the photographer is presented with information in a systematic, easy to follow approach, which does not require expensive equipment to improve photographic ability.

More than 300 colour photographs illustrate the points covered, and show how even the beginner can capture any coin with life like quality.

At a recommended price of $29.95, this 160 page paperback will be a great addition to any numismatist with a digital camera.

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