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We are a couple of coin and precious metal enthusiasts who, like you, are fascinated by the timeless value, beauty, and intriguing stories behind many of the world’s silver and gold coins. We recognize that with so many different types of silver available in the world today, there is potential for confusion among even experienced numismatic veterans.

Our interest in the silver market and the other related precious metals goes beyond a merely economic fascination with the substances and extends to the rich history that they represent, the checkered scene of human ingenuity and occasional fraud and manipulation which has accompanied the issuance of the silver coins of the past, and the impeccable professionalism visible in most coin issues of the present day.

Coins are not merely round chunks of metal – they are part of a larger, vivid human story, and it is participating in that story as well as profiting from silver and gold investments that makes us so eager in studying and talking about coins and all the other types of bullion people invest in today.

What Our Experience Is

We have a long history of involvement with silver coins and precious bullion, and know the market inside out from personal experience. That is not to say that we have bought everything described on our site, but we have been involved in the precious metals market long enough to have a good feel for what is going on in it, as our credentials below describe.

What Our Credentials Are

As avid coin collectors and enthusiasts, who have been involved in buying and selling silver and gold bullion coins for years on both the national and international markets, we have learned a lot about how the market works firsthand. In fact, the success of our portfolios has depended on picking up and successfully using a large amount of data about the world coin market today, keeping up with recent trends, and understanding many of the fundamental forces affecting precious metal prices.

Our guest posters are all industry experts who are well known in the numismatic world. Their writings, advice, and analysis have appeared on many highly reputable sites such as CoinNews.com. They have also been published in a range of different, very respected industry publications and have demonstrated their knowledge in the field of precious metals both in the past and the present.

Why You Can Trust Us

The reason that you can trust us that all the information on our site is the truth – even when it is rather unfortunate, like the fact that there are really no “confiscation-immune gold coins” despite the extravagant claims of some online sellers – and you can verify it yourself from any reputable source of information about the coin and bullion markets.

Anyone with access to the Internet or a good library can discover all this information for themselves. Our goal is to bring as much good, solid information on silver coins and other types of precious metal bullion together in one place as possible, so that long searches and combing through sites of dubious value and underdeveloped or biased information becomes unneeded. You can trust us because our site is a compilation of facts, rather than theories or self-serving advertising gimmicks.

In fact, if you believe that an inaccuracy might have slipped into one of the articles, please feel free to e-mail us and we will look into the matter. We welcome reader feedback and are always responsive to the need to make our site as useful and interesting for our readership as possible!

Why We Created BuySilver.org

We created this site for you, our fellow silver bullion enthusiasts, to have a hub of detailed, reliable information on the diverse world of silver bullion coins, rounds, and ingots. The world is an exciting place for precious metal enthusiasts at the moment, with governments, banks, and private companies contending to offer the coin collector the best value for their investment money.

Our wish, in creating this site, is to share our enthusiasm for – and knowledge about – the precious metal investment scene with other participants, to give them a boost in developing their own portfolios, and to broaden their horizons and set their feet on the road to making new discoveries in this intriguing sphere of human interest.

The coin world of the modern era has witnessed an efflorescence of collectible coins that no other period in history can rival. From the cool northern forests of Canada to the hot, dusty plains of Kazakhstan, from the southern climes of Australia to the storied mountains of Austria, the governments of the planet are responding to unprecedented demand for fine silver bullion with a huge array of beautifully struck coins, usually with unique annual designs and/or special series as well. We want to provide a source that encompasses the whole vista of this worldwide movement so that your decisions will be as informed as possible – and so that you can discover new possibilities as well.

Important Stats About Our Market

There are some statistics which indicate how important silver has become in today’s world, and how its price is likely to change in the future. This is clearly the time when investing in silver, in one form or another, is a smart economic decision that can help to protect your wealth against future inflation,

Silver prices have risen by 150% between the start of 2009 to the present day. This is even with several major players conspiring to hold prices low so that they can sell contracts short, and compares favorably to gold, which has only witnessed a 50% increase in prices during the same time period.

Silver is in much higher demand for industrial purposes than gold, with about 45 times more silver used annually, according to some reports, than gold. Its high electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion make it ideal for many high tech applications. About 760 million ounces are mined annually around the globe, with production slowly falling at the moment. 487 million ounces are used industrially, with a 20% increase in industrial demand forecast by some experts for years to come.

People are buying silver bullion coins in unprecedented numbers. Recent figures indicate a 19% rise in American Silver Eagle sales, a 77% increase in Canadian Silver Maple Leaf sales, and a 66% boost to sales of all silver coins from the Perth Mint over the past year. Clearly, demand for silver is rising fast, while supply is either steady or slightly declining. This is a great time to invest before the price of silver skyrockets higher than it ever has before in the history of precious metals.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Silver Sites

Our website is different from many others both because of its focus and because of the breadth of coverage we are aiming for. On our pages, you can find articles that are written for the consumer, with clear language and useful information which, at the same time, challenges you to broaden your horizons and learn more about the contemporary silver, gold, platinum, and palladium markets.

Although we use terminology that helps to clear up exactly what we are talking about, to the extent that is needed for precision and accuracy, we don’t use the elaborate jargon that some of those who write about coins are tempted to use. As just one example, we explain the workings of the silver commodity market in layman’s terms, rather than delving deeply into unnecessary economics jargon such as “backwardation” and “contango”.

It’s more important, in our view, to clearly convey how the market works in broad, general strokes than to become involved in the minutiae of theories that only certain experts will find useful. What you, the consumer, need is data that will improve your ability to make a good purchase decision, and that is precisely the information we focus on.

The breadth of our coverage is far greater than most of the other sites you are likely to find on subject of silver. We give details on dozens of different coin series, including identifying marks so that you are less likely to end up buying a clever fake, as well as intriguing facts which will make the process of collecting coins, silver bars, and silver rounds more interesting. An important fact which is “bundled” with intriguing details is more likely to remain in the memory in any case.

To sum up, what sets us apart is that our whole website and all the information is meant to serve the needs of the silver and gold consumer, and that we provide you with a collection of data that is far more varied and far-ranging than the narrow perspective most gold and silver sites offer.

Who Our Desired Client Is

In answer to the question of who our desired client is, the short reply is – everyone who is interested in precious metals and modern silver or gold bullion coins! We welcome everyone who shares our enthusiasm – or is even mildly interested in the fascinating world of precious metals, and is just browsing at this point to see if they want to get involved.

Our goal isn’t to exclude anyone, and to make the precious metals world as accessible as possible to anyone who wants to find out more about silver coins or how the markets for precious metals are currently operating. Whether you’re a student looking for information for an economics paper, a person who wants to buy silver coins to help make the economic future of their family safer, an affluent investor who wants to buy and sell silver and gold as their price rises and falls, or a numismatic enthusiast keen to discover more about the coins they collect for their historical importance, we hope that you will return often to our site to make use of the resources here, and tell other people about us, too.

If you are reading this page, in short, then you are our desired client!

Common Customer Objections & Answers to Them

Although we are working to make our site as well-rounded and comprehensive as possible, there are still a few things which “slip through the cracks” from time to time. Although we encourage people to offer constructive criticism via our contact page, please check here first to see if the problem you are thinking of is one that we are already aware of, or which is not really a problem.

There are no ads on the site – this is not a problem, but rather a conscious design decision at this point. This may well change in the future, however.

Complete guides are not given to every year of certain coin series – generally speaking, in cases where coins of a series are practically identical, we will not give a blow-by-blow description of the whole history of their striking. For example, Canadian Silver Maple Leaves are struck with essentially identical designs most years, with only the date varying, and there is no reason to repeat the same description over and over again.

You give as much space to rare coins as to prominent ones on the site – we consider this to be an asset, not a drawback. Standard coins are given full coverage, and the oddities – such as the “Somali” African Wildlife series which is apparently a German coin issued without Somalian authorization – In addition, popular coins often have little to say about them because they are already so well known, and we wish to sample the whole range of coins to appeal to as many different interests as possible.

Past Press Coverage

BuySilver.org has made quite a splash in numismatic circles, and we have been featured on many fine websites which report on the latest developments in the precious metals market. Dozens of sites, including Twitter (www.twitter.com), Finance.Bnet.com, OnlinePrNews.com, and many others have covered the exciting launch of our site. You can find our pages on social media sites as well. BuySilver.org has a Facebook page and a presence on Digg as well.

Press Contact Information

We welcome inquiries from the press and have information ready to provide to make the job of covering our website easier. Our contact page includes information for reaching us for all types of inquiries, including press contacts.